A downloadable game for Windows

"Summitsphere's latest game really tries to make you FEEL like you're terroizing a group of lower class citizens"

- IGN, gamers

"I have no balls and I must kick"

- Radman, Lego Connoisseur

"Are is the Antoncrawl pretty okayish? yeah i think so"

- A 2014 TF2 Youtuber


- My friendly neighborhood contrarian, Laser

"He's back!"

-Jhonnykiller45,  Anton enthusiast 


illdie - Programming/Design

Cactus Companion - Art/Design

XtremeXavier - Tiles

revolug - made the Catacombs level music

[c]ness - made the Castle level music


Arrow Keys to move

Z to kick (Hold Z to catch a ball, release to throw)

Tab to view map


The native screen size is pretty small, we recommend you press "fullscreen" on the main menu.

There may be glitches fixed or quality of life changes to be added in a future update!


AntonDungeonCrawler v1-2.zip 39 MB


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where’s MARIO


He's Back!